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Through the soothing songs from this album, one is sure to make their senses get a fresh feeling and one can get the blaming effect on their mind and body.

If you are eager to make your mind and soul receive the Midas touch, then the music of Jersey Drill is got to be the embalming effect for you. This music has already been successful and has created an aura amongst music lovers. The tone enlightens you and undoubtedly it will awake your senses. The musician has believed in consistency and promotion over the years and still continues to teach the same to his fellow and young artists.

The song Jersey Drill by Ki Back at It have already raised the bar for the singer and the internet is getting flooded with accolades. Not only from his hometown but music enthusiast all over the world has expressed gratitude for the soothing and expressionist musical anecdotes.

For the creation of the album Been Quarantining, the musician derived his motivation from listening to a plethora of musical instruments and reading a lot. Since the pandemic, there has been a scarcity of live shows, but that hasn’t really taken a toll on this skilled artist.

Rather he has accepted this challenge and has become competent enough. He kept on reading and has concentrated on the areas that can improve and improvise his musical talent. Being a trained musician on hip hop and drill, the musician is eager to leave a legacy behind by contributing enough through music. Indeed a true artist who gives his best to the audience.

Over the years he has received a plethora of paean and is quite confident of repeating the same through this latest album, which is already a hit. Keep listening to his albums and try to share them as much as possible. This is indeed a solace both in gleefulness and despair. There are seven songs in the album and all five will take you to a trans. Listen & enjoy the rest.

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