About Music Fungi

Top to Bottom Assistance with your Music Promotion Service. Music Fungi is the genuine platform for all genres of artists. We promote musicians in SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube via web 2.0 content, blogs, Press Release and others advance technology.

Music Fungi is specialize in artist and music promotions. We promote the full spectrum of all genres of music, like that of – Hip Hop, Rap, EDM, Pop, Rock, Country, Dubstep, Mixtapes, Dancehall, Alt Rock, Jazz and Blues. We leverage artist’s popularity and bring innovative trends and techniques of music promotions.

Our Mission & Vision

Here at Music Fungi our mission is to offer best music promotion service. We use time-tested tools and our specialized marketing technology to increase your play and subscriber. Every client is given highest priority and our expert.

To establish ourselves as the #1 choice for Music promotion services. Become a market leader and the most trusted name in music promotion industry. Reach out to every corner of the world with the power of internet. Spread out the message loud- “Music Fungi is here to stay and slay!”

Our Team

We have certified professionals who has many years of experience in promotion sound track. We enable to promote, distribute and advertise your own record worldwide using the best team available. If you’re searching for full music promotions, then Music Fungi is where you should be!

Our Success

Become A Successful Musician with the help of Music Fungi.
We have helped over 1k+ musician to established themselves.

Our common love for music help us to not just promote, but come up with several modes of marketing. We are pros when it comes to building the future of music with great web 2.0 styled Content, Blogs and Press Releases.