1. Why you need Music promotion?

Ans: Music is a sea of talent where millions of songs get uploaded on a daily basis. No matter how good a musician you are, your music won’t get noticed by the audience until and unless you subscribe to any promotional campaign for your music profile. Music promotions help in getting noticed over the other musicians and reach a global audience.

  1. How we promote Music tracks?

Ans: Music promotion is a job that needs complete knowledge of the recent market trends. Well, Music Promotion Club has got everything covered up for you. Under the company’s ‘Premium Package’, your Music profile will be promoted until it reaches 100K+ listeners, 400+ likes followers, likes, and reposts. The team will promote up to 10 Music tracks and these tracks will be reposted to 100+ Music profiles. And, you will be provided with distribution of 5-6 PRs, 7-8 music blogs, 4 music reviews, 5-6 page EPKs, and 1 artist interview. Other than this there are 3 more packages available on the website, customized according to the needs of various purchasers.

  1. What you will get from this promotion?

Ans: Through the promotional campaigns of Music Promotion Club, you will be able to enjoy a huge number of followers and a real fan base. The likes and reposts availed, will help in increasing your online visibility and the chance of getting viral. The promotional campaigns provide a huge boost to your Music profile and ultimately helping you to reach the zenith of success.

  1. What do we need from you for better promotion?

Ans: The more details you can provide about you, your track, label name, location, genre, and the other relevant details, the better it gets for the marketing team to act on it.

  1. How long does it take to complete your promotion?

Ans: Once you have let the team know of all the details and placed your order, one of the team members starts working on the links. The track and the content related to it get shared on various social media platforms. The team promises to start the promotional campaigns within 24 hours of the order getting placed and if not started, the Music Promotion Club will refund the money.

  1. How many tracks you can promote from us?

Ans: The answer to this question depends on certain factors; for instance, if you have provided the website with your profile’s link, the team of Music Promotion Corp will promote as many as two tracks. But, the team will cover up to 9 tracks of your profile, thus allowing a wide exposure. And, if you put the link of a single track then only that track will be promoted.

  1. Can I promote more than once the same track?

Ans: The answer is ‘Yes’. You can certainly promote your single track more than one time. For such instances, Music Promotion Club suggests you purchase the weekly package available on the website, through which your single track will get promoted more than once./p>

  1. When your campaign will start after making the order?

Ans: The proficient team of Music Promotion Corp starts working on the given link within 24 hours of the placement of order. You will get to witness an exponential growth on your profile way before you would’ve expected.

  1. What are the benefits of our weekly recurring service?

Ans: The Music artistes who have got quite several songs in their profile, it is of great help if they opt for the Weekly recurring service. It is also indispensable for those artistes who are continuously uploading new tracks on a weekly and monthly basis.

  1. Why do you need to try our Premium Package?

Ans: If you opt for the premium package you will benefit by getting reposts, likes and followers which are 400+ in number and listeners as high as 100K+ in numbers. With an input of manual work for 4-5 hours, you will get 10 Music tracks.PR coverage will be provided for 5-6 Press Release Distribution which will get distributed to the news websites of up to 190+.

There will be 100+ Music profile where your track will be reposted and there will be followers in the range of 820k+. In popular music blog websites you will get 1 Artist Interview, 4 Music reviews and 7-8 music blogs. You will be provided with 5-6 pages of Electronic Press Kit (EPK). There will be an estimated 10K+ views on Youtube network which is promoted through the creation of a Youtube video for Youtube Music Video Promotion.

One will also get the option for paid promotion of Music track. By using the artiste name and genre organic Music promotion is done along with Google Display Network. Over 100K+ followers are estimated to be engaged because of the Social Media Promotion.

  1. How you will contact with us?

Ans: The customer query can be send via the Contact Us page and the customer visiting the page can expect to get pertinent information about the company. The manager from the communication department will provide you with the needful updates that will help you a lot in the promotion of your track.

  1. Why you need Music Press Release?

Ans: To publicize a music piece which has the potential to be newsworthy, one can opt for a Music Press Release. Such a Music Press Release can be used for album launches and also for the promotion of the upcoming musical tours.

  1. Why Music Blog is important for a singer?

Ans: A Music Blog is utterly important for a singer as it creates an impression in the mind of the audience such that the music finds a frame along with a context about the artiste mentioning what he or she does and why they have taken up this creative work. Understanding of the people will increase about you as they will take more interest in your songs and might check them out.

  1. What is the importance of Music Review?

Ans: Music Review is very important so that proper evaluation is done. The opinion is stated about the piece of music and a judgment which is justified is dished out to the general audience. This review works as a flicker of light which gives insights about the music piece and entices the audience towards it.

  1. Why the social sharing of your tracks is very important and what are the things you should follow?

Ans: Tracks can be shared on social media which invariably increases the visibility. This will help your track to be shared automatically which also includes your favorite songs along with the playlist. It also helps in brand building and enhances the promotional process.